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Major Tech offers you high quality, flexible video borescopes for visual and video inspection. The range also offers you the latest advanced instrumentation that is diverse enough to meet your application needs from testers for testing RPM, coating thickness, laser distance measurement. Our accurate Lux meters offer reliable quick readings, for LED and LUX measurements. Included, are meters that measure combustible and refrigerant gases, air flow and velocity accurately

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Coating Thickness Tester

Features : Memory for 1500 readings PC Interface with USB Cable Auto, Fe & No-Fe Probe Modes Direct & Group working modes 8 Level Settings for backlight V-Groove Sleeve Low Battery & Error indication Auto Power ...

Digital Milliohm Meter

Features : 4 Terminal Kelvin measurements 4000 Count 3 ? Digital LCD with Backlight High resolution to 0.1m? with Test current to 200mA Waterproof IP67 Built in Multimeter with Cap Function to 40mF

Filling Level Indicator

Features : Gas Cylinder level Measurement Propane/Butane - LPG Gas Level Indicator Beep Contact Indicator Green LED - Liquid detected at test point Red LED - No liquid detected at test point Cylinder Type - Steel, ...

Professional 50m Laser Distance Meter

Features : Bluetooth 4.0 with App support Built-in level via Unit selectable (m, ft, in) Area, Volume calculations Continuous measurement Min / Max distance tracking Reference level selectable IP54 Water and dustproof Backlight LCD display 3-line ...