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20A Micro – Ohmmeter

Features: Built-in 14.6V 12 000mAh rechargeable Iron Phosphate battery 4-Wire test method 108mm x 65mm true colour touch screen Maximum resolution 0.1µ Ω Temperature Measurement: 10°C to +60°C Discharge Probes: LCD has a built-in reminder Printer ...

Battery Tester

Features: Used to measure the internal resistance, voltage and temperature of Lead-acid batteries, Gel Batteries, Lithium batteries and other batteries. AC injection method measurement Large capacity lithium battery charging USB interface for linking to computer Bluetooth ...

Air Quality CO₂ Monitor

Features: Accurate CO₂ measurements Checks for Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) concentrations Indoor Air Quality displayed in PPM Colour bargraph indication of Air Quality with Green, Yellow and Red indication Simultaneously displays CO₂ concentrations, Temperature and Humidity Easy ...

20m Laser Distance Meter

Features:  Unit selectable (m, ft, in) Area, Volume Calculations Continuous Measurement Min/Max Distance Tracking Bluetooth 4.0 with APP support Reference level selectable Display illumination and 3-line display. Buzzer indication IP54 Splash Proof & Dust Resistant

Mini Particle Counter

Features : 2.0” TFT Colour LCD Measure particle in the air Relative humidity and temperature Auto power off Simultaneously measures PM2.5 & PM10 Analogue bargraph indication Memory 5000 readings Date/Time/Alarm Selectable sample times 30s, 1min, 2min ...

PV Insulation Tester

Features : Accurate measurement of insulation resistance even with Photo Voltaic (PV) arrays generating power. Elapsed time measurement 1000 data point memory Volt Amperometric Earth resistance 2pole and 3pole Luminescent buttons and Backlight Remote probe test ...

Video Borescope

Features : 3.2” Colour TFT LCD / Resolution: 320 x 240 Compatible with TV-OUT TV peripherals to support operations in other devices Allows viewer to view image on LCD monitor 1m Flexible gooseneck for hard to ...

Contact / Non-Contact Tachometer

Features : Combination non-contact and contact digital tachometer for convenient, fast and accurate measuring of high rotational speeds up to 100 000RPM RPM Contact range 2 - 20 000RPM RPM Non-contact range 2 - 100 000RPM ...

Non-Contact Tachometer

Features : Fast and accurate non-contact RPM and TOT measurements of rotating objects RPM Non-contact range 2 - 100 000RPM TOT count mode range from 1 - 100 000RPM Detecting distance 50 - 500mm 5 Digit ...

Coating Thickness Tester

Features : Dual technology Automatic selection of magnetic induction or Eddy Current measurement techniques Memory 320 readings Non magnetic coatings (paint, zinc) on steel Insulating coatings (paint) on nonferrous metals No-ferrous metal coatings on insulating substrates ...

Filling Level Indicator

Features : Gas Cylinder level Measurement Propane/Butane - LPG Gas Level Indicator Beep Contact Indicator Green LED - Liquid detected at test point Red LED - No liquid detected at test point Cylinder Type - Steel, ...

Digital Vibration Meter

Features : Measuring acceleration and velocity Velocity Range 200mm/s² Min / Max Frequency 10Hz - 1KHz Separate vibration probe with magnetic base RMS and peak measurement Microprocessor based

Video Boroscope with Trigger

Features : 3.2” Colour TFT LCD / Resolution: 320 x 240px On-site photo/video, time and date display Video/images transferred to PC via SD card / USB cable 1m Flexible gooseneck for hard to reach places Camera/video ...