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-15% MT948

Thermo Anemometer

Features : Simultaneously displays air flow/air velocity plus ambient temperature Air Velocity m/s 0.40 – 30 m/s Air Velocity km/h 1.4 – 108 km/h Air Velocity ft/min 80-5900 ft/min Air Velocity mph 0.9 – 67.0 mph ...

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Features : Compact pocket size with carrying case Temperature -50°C to 200°C / Accuracy ±2°C / 0.1°C Resolution 65mm Stainless steel sensor probe Measurement rate: 1 time per second High and low alarms; Min/Max record mode; ...

K-Type Temperature Data Logger

Features : K-Type -200° to 1370°C 31 808 Data storage points Battery life: more than 3 years USB interface Alarm display Software Selectable measuring cycle: 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1hr, 2hr, ...

Combustable Gas Leak Detector

Features : New technological design for detecting combustible gases 50ppm Methane 400mm Gooseneck Highly sensitive and reliable Use in contaminated environments, eliminates gas concentration with fully adjustable tick rate Tick accelerates when sensor tip approaches leak ...

Desktop Thermo-Hygrometer

Features : Triple display low cost combined clock / alarm, temperature and humidity meter Temperature range from 0°C to 50°C Humidity range from 10% to 90%. Min / Max °C or °F Highest / Lowest temperature ...

Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer

Features: Thermal anemometer, for low air velocity measurement Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor deliver rapid, precise measurements. Slim probe ideal for grillers and diffusers Air Velocity m/s 0.1 – 25 m/s Air Velocity km/h ...

Refrigerent (Halogen) Leak Detector

Features : Technological design for detecting current halogen based gases 100ppm of R - 134a / R - 22 Detects CFC & HFC Flexible 400mm gooseneck Visual leak detection by LED indicators Adjustable tick rate to ...

Air Probe

Features : Air Probe Range -50°C up to 300°C Extremely fast response for gas and air temperatures Refrigeration, heating and ventilating engineers

General Purpose Probe

Features : General Purpose Probe Range -30°C - 250°C Exposed thermocouple with PTFE Insulation General purpose use in heating and refrigeration industries Ideal for Radiator fans, water and air temperatures

Thermometer Kit

Kit includes: MT632 - Dual Input Digital Thermometer MT660 - General Purpose Bead Probe MT690 - Probe kit consisting of: Surface Probe, Air Probe, General Purpose Probe MT651 - Carrying Case

Surface Probe

Features : Surface Probe Range -50°C - 500°C Very fast response for surface temperature measurement Ideal for Sheet metal, radiators, photocopier and rollers