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Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Features : Crimping force: 30T Stroke: 25mm Crimping range: 150mm² - 630mm² Crimping type: Hexagon Crimping dies (included): 150mm²; 185mm²; 240mm²; 300mm²; 400mm²; 500mm²; 630mm² Includes metal carry case Note: This product can be matched with ...

Hydraulic Crimping Tool Set

Features : Crimping force: 22 T (Max) Stroke: 22mm Crimping range: 16mm² - 400mm² (Max) Crimping type: Hexagon Copper conductor size Crimping dies (Included): 16mm²; 25mm²; 35mm²; 50mm²; 70mm²; 95mm²; 120mm²; 150mm²; 185mm²; 240mm²; 300mm²; 400mm²

Hydraulic Crimping Tool Set

Features : Safety system inside Crimping force: 13 Tonne Stroke: 30mm Crimping range: 250mm² Max Oil capacity: 145cc Crimping dies (Included) two sided, copper and aluminium CU - 50mm², 70mm², 95mm², 120mm², 150mm², 185mm², 240mm², 300mm², ...