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Professional Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Features : Measurement range 1cm to 10cm Body Temperature 32⁰C to 42.5⁰C Surface Temperature 0⁰C to 60⁰C Set Alarm value Memorize last 32 measurements Selectable ⁰C or ⁰F Automatic Data Hold Resolution 0.1⁰C Backlit LCD display ...

Mini Particle Counter

Features : 2.0” TFT Colour LCD Measure particle in the air Relative humidity and temperature Auto power off Simultaneously measures PM2.5 & PM10 Analogue bargraph indication Memory 5000 readings Date/Time/Alarm Selectable sample times 30s, 1min, 2min ...

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Features : Compact pocket size with carrying case Temperature -50°C to 200°C / Accuracy ±2°C / 0.1°C Resolution 65mm Stainless steel sensor probe Measurement rate: 1 time per second High and low alarms; Min/Max record mode; ...

K-Type Temperature Data Logger

Features : K-Type -200° to 1370°C 31 808 Data storage points Battery life: more than 3 years USB interface Alarm display Software Selectable measuring cycle: 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1hr, 2hr, ...

Air Probe

Features : Air Probe Range -50°C up to 300°C Extremely fast response for gas and air temperatures Refrigeration, heating and ventilating engineers

General Purpose Probe

Features : General Purpose Probe Range -30°C - 250°C Exposed thermocouple with PTFE Insulation General purpose use in heating and refrigeration industries Ideal for Radiator fans, water and air temperatures

Thermometer Kit

Kit includes: MT632 - Dual Input Digital Thermometer MT660 - General Purpose Bead Probe MT690 - Probe kit consisting of: Surface Probe, Air Probe, General Purpose Probe MT651 - Carrying Case

Surface Probe

Features : Surface Probe Range -50°C - 500°C Very fast response for surface temperature measurement Ideal for Sheet metal, radiators, photocopier and rollers

Temperature Probe Kit

Features : Temperature Probe Kit Complete probe kit consists of a handle which uses interchangeable surface, air and general-purpose probes Low cost and effective thermometer probe kit


Features : Microprocessor controlled Humidity meter 0% - 100% Humidity Temperature Meter -30°C to 100°C Wet Bulb Temperature 0°C to 80°C Dew Point Temperature -30°C to 100°  Resolution 0.01% RH and 0.01°C Fast response High accuracy ...