For troubleshooting systems where temperature is a critical symptom, Major Tech’s digital thermometers offer laboratory accuracy wherever you need it. We offer a choice of infrared thermometers, J/K type and K type thermometers, easy-to-carry pocket thermometers and a versatile range of temperature kits. Major Tech offers the latest in non-contact infrared (IR) thermometers. These meters are useful where measuring temperature without making contact with the surface of the subject matter. Manufactured in gun type form, some models feature a lazer beam for higher accuracy, back light for use in dark areas and min/max recording for data retrieval.

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Professional Infrared Video Thermometer

Features : Air temperature and type K probe temperature measurement Relative humidity measurement Wet bulb & dew point temperature measurement Unique flat surface, modern housing design High 50 to 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller ...

Dual Input Digital Thermometer

Features : Dual K-Type inputs Max / Min / Average / Data Hold K-type -200°C to 1372°C J-type -210°C to 1100°C Resolution 0.1°C / 1°C Selectable units of °C, °F, K Data Hold Relative Time Clock ...

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Features : Compact pocket size with carrying case Temperature -50°C to 200°C Temperature Accuracy ±2°C 0.1°C Resolution 65mm Stainless steel sensor probe Measurement rate: 1 time per second High and low temperature alarms Min/Max record mode ...

Pen Type Thermometer

Features : Temperature range: -40° to 250°C 0.1°C Resolution Data Hold & auto power off Min / Max record mode stainless steel sensor probe Selectable °C or °F

Infrared Temperature Probe

Features : Max temperature display from -30?C ~ 550?C Output 1mV per 1?C Laser pointer 8 to 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances 0.95 Fixed emissivity Compatible with multimeters, clamp ...

Air Probe

Features : Air Probe Range -50°C up to 300°C Extremely fast response for gas and air temperatures Refrigeration, heating and ventilating engineers

General Purpose Probe

Features : General Purpose Probe Range -30°C - 250°C Exposed thermocouple with PTFE Insulation General purpose use in heating and refrigeration industries Ideal for Radiator fans, water and air temperatures