Start saving or pay in darkness. Choose from a variety of programmable timers that are easy-to-use, quick to set and maximising your savings. The introduction of a timer improves energy savings up to 66%. Switching the geyser off and on manually is not good practice as circuit breakers are not designed to be switched often and will eventually break which can be costly to replace

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18 On/Off Digital Programmable Timer

Features : Switches loads of up to 16A / 3500W Easy , user friendly 3 button operation? Large LCD display with real time display, plus year, month and day display 24 hours nd 7 days programming ...

24 Hour Analogue Timer

Features : Switching loads of up to max 10A / 2000W Switching Times: 15min with plastic slice, adjustable for 24hrs Backup battery : NI-MH Rechargeable Ideal for swimming pools and lighting