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-15% MTK25

Electrical Contractors Test Kit

Kit includes : MT330 – Earth Resistance Tester MT350 – Loop Impedance and PSC Tester MT550 – 1000V Digital Insulation Tester MT720 – 400A AC Clamp Meter MT310 – ELCB Tester MT930 – Phase Rotation Meter MT1877 – 1000V IP67 True RMS Multimeter MTKBAG – ...
-15% MTi13

80 x 80px Thermal Imager

Features : 80x80 Pixel Thermal Detector 6,400 points real temperature 50Hz Image Frequency Hot, Cold and Centre Spot Temperature 3 Area and 2 Line Analysis 3 Manual Spots Hot, Cold and Centre Spot Temperature 3.5” TFT ...
-15% MT390

Multifunction Installation Tester

Features : 3.5” TFT colour LCD display 320 x 240 pixels Insulation, Continuity, Earth Resistance Variable RCD test with Pass/Fail indication Line Voltage with Frequency Loop and PSC test, Phase Rotation Transmit recorded data via Bluetooth ...
-16% MT195

Cable Locator

Features : Detects cables, electrical wire, water/gas supply pipelines concealed in walls and ground Detects interruptions and short circuits in cables and concealed electrical wire Tracing sockets and distribution sockets having accidentally been covered by plastering ...
-19% MT767

BT 600A AC/DC Thermometer Clamp Meter

Features: Bluetooth 6000 count negative LCD display Ø33mm Cable Clamp size Measurement of DC voltage and AC voltage up to 1000V AC and DC Current measurement to 600A Capacitance to 99.99mF Resistance 60Mꭥ Frequency 9.99kHz K- ...