Earth Leakage Testers

Major Tech offers to you an earth leakage tester. Major Tech’s RCD/ELCB Testers range from domestic to industrial applications. Voltage range from 100 to 400V L-E with current settings from 5mA to 1000mA. The RCD/ELCB testers offer, both the mA trip rating and the tripping time at 0° and 180° of the sine wave.

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Industrial Digital RCD/ELCB Tester

Features : Intrinsically Safe Microprocessor controlled Operating voltage 100V - 400V L-E Auto Ramp 0? or 180? Phase angle selection Rated current 15mA - 500mA Automatically measures trip current Remote testing IP54

Smart-Test Universal Digital ELCB Tester

Features : Microprocessor controlled for accuracy and reliability Direct readout of disconnection time Display mA Sensitivity Current? setting 5mA - 1000mA Tripping phase angle 0? or 180? Phase angle selection Operating voltage 100V - 450V L-E ...