Digital Programmable Timer


Features :

  • Din Rail and Samite Rail Mounted
  • Advanced weekly settings
  • Repeat programs with 16 ON/OFF settings, 18 pulse settings, and a manual ON/OFF switch
  • Lithium battery back up in the event of a power failure
  • MANUAL button changes between Manual ON/OFF, ON AUTO and AUTO OFF
  • Terminology: ON (Always ON), OFF (Always OFF), AUTO ON (Timer remains ON until the next OFF programmed setting) / AUTO OFF (Timer remains OFF until next programmed ON setting and turns OFF as per programmed OFF settings)
  • AUTO OFF – Automatically turns the timer ON and OFF as per the programmed settings
  • While programming any function, 30 seconds of inactivity will exit all setting menu

*NOTE: Press Reset Button to activate timer (only required when first installed).

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