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K6024PVPV Insulation Tester

PV Insulation Tester

Features : Accurate measurement of insulation resistance even with Photo Voltaic (PV) arrays generating power. Elapsed time measurement 1000 data point memory Volt Amperometric Earth resistance 2pole and 3pole Luminescent buttons and Backlight Remote probe test ...
MT173Video Borescope

Video Borescope

Features : 3.2” Colour TFT LCD / Resolution: 320 x 240. Compatible with TV-OUT. TV peripherals to support operations in other devices. Allows viewer to view image on LCD monitor. 1m Flexible gooseneck for hard to ...
MT155Coating Thickness Tester

Coating Thickness Tester

Features : Dual technology Automatic selection of magnetic induction or Eddy Current measurement techniques Memory 320 reading Non-magnetic coating (paint, zinc) on steel Insulating Coatings (paint) on non-ferrous metals No-ferrous metal coatings on insulating substrates Continue ...
MT163Differential Manometer

Differential Manometer

Features : Relative time clock 5 Measuring units - psi, mbar, kPa, inHg, mmHg Records max/min/average with time stamp Measures up to 2 psi Offset function Real time record USB Interface Auto power off /Data Hold ...
MT981Filling Level Indicator

Filling Level Indicator

Features : Gas Cylinder level Measurement Propane/Butane - LPG Gas Level Indicator Beep Contact Indicator Green LED - Liquid detected at test point Red LED - No liquid detected at test point Cylinder Type - Steel, ...
MT95711 000 Count LCR Meter

11 000 Count LCR Meter

Features : Provides direct and accurate measurements of inductors, capacitors and resistors with different frequencies and is selectable for auto/manual ranging 11 000 Count LCD display Min / Max Relative Mode Measures inductance to 20H Resistance ...