Multifuntion Installation Tester


Features :

  • Installation 4 ranges 100/250/500/1000V, automatic discharge of capacitance, Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption ratio (DAR)
  • Loop Impedance High Test current range of 2Ω with 0,001Ω resolution
  • RCD Type AC, A, F, B (general & selective) EV (electric vehicle) and variable RCD’s, single and auto test, ramp test and contact voltage
  • Earth Resistance test 2 & 3 wires with all accessories
  • ACV Trms Voltage measurements 2V to 600V, mains frequency
  • Continuity test at 200mA or15mA with selectable buzzer for fast judgment
  • Phase rotation on 3-phase lines with clear indication of the sequence on the display
  • SPD (Varistor) Surge protection device test, for SPD that uses varistor
  • PAT- Portable Appliance Tester function for insulation and continuity
  • Connectivity: K6516 via USB (to PC)
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