Smart Switch Module



  • Smart App Compatibility: Easily access advanced features by downloading the free Major Tech Hub Smart App.
  • Energy Consumption Insights: Gain immediate access to both historical and real-time energy consumption data via the Smart App.
  • Advanced Timer Functions: Enjoy precise control, over the devices connected to this Switch Module, with versatile timing options, including Countdown, Schedules, Cycle Timers, Random Timer, and Inching Timer modes.
  • Designed with a compact form factor to allow for easy installation into junction boxes and behind existing switches and sockets.
  • Overcharge Protection: This feature protects connected battery powered devices and batteries from overcharging by automatically switching the MTS16 Off when the power draw is less than 3W for a period of 40 minutes.
  • Child Lock Feature: Ensure safety, prevent accidental disconnections or interrupted automations by activating the Child Lock feature, which manual switching on the MTS16.
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