1000V Tool Backpack


Kit Includes :

  • EPC0109: 1000V Insulated Pliers with Crimpers (230mm)
  • EP0106: 1000V Insulated Pliers (165mm)
  • DP0108: 1000V Insulated Diagonal Cutting Pliers (200mm)
  • DP0106: 1000V Insulated Diagonal Pliers (165mm)
  • LP0108: 1000V Insulated Long Nose Pliers (200mm)
  • LP0106: 1000V Insulated Long Nose Pliers (165mm)
  • CS0338: Cable Shear (38mm²)
  • TSD0320S: Terminal Driver
  • UK0306: Utility Knife
  • SP1006: 160mm Wire Stripper
  • HV0305: 5m Tape Measure
  • AS0308: 25mm Adjustable Spanner
  • VNS1407: Neon Screwdriver Tester
  • HP0335: 100g Ball Pein Hammer
  • HSP0606: 150mm Junior Hacksaw
  • KTK0707SG: 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set
  • TBP7: Tarpaulin Tool Backpack

*Image advertises 2 inserts to show the inside and outside pockets. Only 1 insert is in each tool bag.

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