Major Tech has made a range of mini environmental meters available to its South Africa customer base. There are four different meters, all designed and manufactured to the high standards Major Tech is known for.

MT90 Mini Thermo-Anemometer
The first device is the MT90 Mini Thermo-Anemometer which is used for measuring air temperature and velocity. The device includes a dual-line, four-digit LCD display with a backlight. It is also equipped with Bluetooth to make it easy to transfer data from the MT90 to the user’s Android or iOS smartphone using the Meterbox Pro app.

The air velocity can be measured in m/s, km/h, ft/min, or knots, while temperature is measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The MT90 can continuously measure the temperature and velocity over time, providing the user with the minimum, maximum and average readings.

A low-battery display will alert you when the 9V battery is running low, while the auto power-off function will turn the MT90 off if it has not been used for 10 minutes.

MT91 Mini Hygrometer
The MT91 Mini Hygrometer measures the ambient temperature (-20 to +60 degrees Celsius) as well as the relative humidity and displays the data on a dual-line, four-digit LCD display with a backlight. Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, while humidity is expressed as a percentage.

The MT91 includes Bluetooth to transfer data to the Meterbox Pro app on the user’s smartphone, while calculating minimum and maximum values over a period of time. The low-battery function warns if the 9V battery power is getting low, and the device is set to automatically power-off if unused for 10 minutes.

MT95 Mini Sound Level Meter
The MT95 is used for acoustic measurements in a variety of environments, from factories to offices to schools. It is used for noise engineering, sound quality control and health & safety operations, and can measure sound in a range of 35dB to 130dB. Readings are displayed on a 4-digit LCD display.

It features a 0.5-inch electret condenser microphone. An electret is a ferroelectric material that has been permanently charged, removing the need for a polarizing voltage to operate the microphone. The MT95 measures both A and C weighted sound levels and includes a background sound absorber.

Running off one 9V battery with low-battery alerts, the MT95 will automatically power-off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

MT96 Mini Particle Counter
The MT96 Mini Particle Counter measures the particle mass concentration in the air, along with the air temperature (0 to 50 degrees Celsius) and relative humidity. Major Tech is the first company to offer an instrument containing a combination of these measurements in one meter, designed to measure air quality as well as for energy saving tests.

The device simultaneously measures PM2.5 and PM10 particle density. PM10 is particulate matter 10 micrometres (μm) or less in diameter, while PM2.5 is particulate matter 2.5 μm or less in diameter – about 3% the diameter of a human hair.

Readings are displayed on a 2-inch TFT colour LCD display and data can be transferred to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Sampling time can be set from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and the data collected is automatically saved to the instrument’s memory, which holds about 5,000 measurements.
The user can also set the automatic power-off function to shut the instrument down after 3, 10 or 30 minutes of inactivity in order to save power on the 3.7V Li-Ion battery.

For more information on these and other electrical instruments and products, contact Major Tech at 086 162 5678, [email protected], or go to www.major-tech.com.

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