Rhodam Evans, product manager at Major Tech is a firm believer that, in today’s competitive market, switches and sockets are more than just a practical solution for an everyday application. “In the past, people didn’t place too much emphasis on the design of a light switch as long as it turned on the light and the switch remained reliable. Similarly, insofar as socket outlets were concerned, South Africans accepted that adaptors were necessary in order to use any products bearing different plug tops, such as the common two-pin. Today, customers are far more ‘switched-on’ and aware of the available options when it comes to decorating their homes,” he says.

“With the introduction of new technology, digital platforms and the rise of the millennials, information sharing has become more accessible. Customers are now more informed than ever before and a ‘new breed’ of customer has emerged – and they want to be set apart from the rest, no matter the cost,” says Evans. “This has resulted in a shift in the market and now more than ever before, customers have come to expect more stylish and elegant options for contemporary décor styles – and one could say that consumers drive the market and this drives innovation. Major Tech’s Veti range revolutionises the concept of what switches and sockets are able to offer and provides affordable options for one of the most commonly used applications in one’s living and working areas.

“Consumers have embraced the stylish and cost-effective Veti range and are asking for it by name”, says Evans. “Major Tech offers consumers customised options to suit their personal needs and lifestyles, and this is the reason the Veti range has become so popular.”

Veti is available as a complete offer for fast and simpler installation as well as a modular offer for more creative preferences.

“VETI has an ultra modern rounded design, which allows more space within the wall box for wires and connections by stepping the product slightly away from the wall thus making it easier when installing the socket and switch combinations,” explains Evans.

Veti product offering and specs:

  • Available in a complete and a modular offering.
  • The modular range allows for over 2 000 different combinations of switch, socket, electronic and communication modules.
  • Cover plates are available in six interchangeable colours (white, cream, silver, champagne, gun metal and bronze).
  • Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials ensuring a flame retardant product.

Veti switches:

  • Available in black and white.
  • Option of including a locator or an indicator lamp.
  • Available for all applications: one-way, two-way, intermediate, 20 A double-pole and splitter.
  • Available in a single module or double module.

Veti sockets:

Veti has a full array of socket modules in order to fulfil any installation requirement including the standard South African 16A, a red, blue and black dedicated, the 6A for lighting circuits, the British square pin, the South African standard 2 pin and the new compulsory three pin spec and the schuko sockets with and without side earth. All of these socket modules can be assembled in different combinations to suit a specific living or working area. The modular system allows the incorporation of a switch per socket, a single switch to disconnect the power to all sockets or no switch at all to maximise the space available; and all of these options conform to wiring regulations.


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