Floodlights are designed to cast a wide beam of light to provide clarity over a large area in partial or total darkness. They are used widely in a number of different situations, from lighting your garden at night to providing light to parking lots and sports stadiums.

Major Tech, a well-known and respected brand in the electrical industry in South Africa provides a range of LED floodlights, the HLF Floodlight Series for use in different scenarios. Designed to the highest standards, the HLF floodlights are EMC approved, which means they do not emit levels of electromagnetic energy that cause interference with other devices in the vicinity.

LEDs are commonly used in floodlights because of the lower power consumption of LEDs as well as their longer lifespans. Each HLF floodlight features multiple 50W SMD (industry standard surface-mounted) LED modules, depending on the size of the area customers wish to cover. These modules are built into a single housing with one IP67, fully isolated driver per LED module to improve the lifespan and light distribution of the fittings. The IP67 rating ensures that the drivers are dust and water resistant, a necessity since they are used outdoors.

The HLF floodlight series can be used in a variety of environments, from warehouses to agricultural holdings, parking lots and even sports grounds. There are four product ranges in the HLF series, each designed to the same quality specifications, aimed at different use-cases:

  • HLF10CW: This is the smallest floodlight in the range. These 100W floodlights produce about 9,000 Lumens.
  • HLF20CW: These 200W floodlights deliver around 18,000 Lumens.
  • HLF30CW: At 300W of power, this range of floodlights delivers 27,000 Lumens.
  • HLF50CW: The most powerful floodlight in the series using 500W of power, this floodlight produces 45,000 Lumens.

All the HLF floodlights provide a 120o light beam angle and are delivered with a 50cm cable as standard. The housing for the series is a heavy-duty aluminium frame that is IP66 rated and the fixing brackets allow for easy positioning of the lights once installed.