Ensuring peak cable performance and care

The internet, electricity and even wireless communications all depend on cables for efficient and safe operations. Even our cellular communication today relies on cables to send data, voice, and video from one recipient to another, not to mention electrical power needed to keep information flowing. The reliability and uninterrupted operations of these cables is therefore critical to almost every aspect of our business and home lives.

Major Tech supplies a number of tools to assist technicians in managing and maintaining the cables in large or small installations. From finding cables and pipes behind a wall, to determining the length of cables before starting a project, as well as troubleshooting existing cables for faults, Major Tech has the meter technicians require.

MT195 Cable Locator

Starting with finding cables in an environment you want to work on, the MT195 Cable Locator is ideal for detecting electrical power cables, communication cables, metal pipes, underfloor heating and more during construction, maintenance or renovation. This device enables one to accurately pinpoint pipes and cables in walls or underground with precision, by identifying the corresponding signal number sent by the transmitter.

The MT195’s transmitter and receiver include advanced digital circuit technologies to ensure stable and reliable performance. When testing on electrical circuits, the receiver can quickly identity breakers in the distribution board of the circuit the transmitter is connected to, or vice versa. The receiver displays the value of the signal measured and it can be used to check short circuits or breaks on existing cables or concealed electrical wires. The MT195 set is lightweight and is supplied with a complete set of accessories for direct measurement.

MT900 TDR Cable Length Meter

With the ability to measure copper wire up to 3km in length, the MT900 is a TDR Cable Length Meter that uses Time Domain Reflectometer technology to measure the length of a range of cables, including telephone, CAT 5, Coax, and other cables to an accuracy of 0.1m. The meter can be used for any cable consisting of at least two insulated metallic elements, one of which may be the sheath or shield of the cable.

The MT900 has a cable library for quick and easy access to 20 standard cable types, which enables accurate measurement without the need to enter the V.O.P. (Velocity of Propagation). It can also store up to 99 internal memory locations which can be used for future analysis by calculating and then storing the V.O.P. for the cable being tested. It runs off two AA batteries and sports a 2.4-inch TFT colour screen.

MT902 VDV Wire Tester

When a customer requires the technician to resolve a problem somewhere in their cabling, the MT902 is exactly what technicians require. This VDV Wire Tester (voice, data, and video) analyses patch leads on phones, computer networks and coax cables in one easy step by verifying and troubleshooting RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 and F-connector cables (CAT 7, CAT 7a, cat 6a, CAT 6, CAT 5e, CAT 5, CAT 4, CAT 3, and Coax).

The large backlit LCD display will map out and indicate open faults, shorts, reversed polarity as well as crossed and split pairs. It clearly displays PASS or FAIL status icons to assist in diagnosis. The MT902 comes standard with five RJ45 data and five Coax F-Connector identification remotes that can be used by technicians for mapping as well as identifying cable runs from patch panels to a wall outlet port.

The built-in tone generator can be used to locate cables in wiring closets and patch panels by using an optional amplifier probe. It supports a maximum Coax cable length of 305m and a maximum Coax resistance of 100Ω. As an added safety measure, a flashing voltage warning alerts the user if any unidentified hazardous voltage is detected.

Housed in a rugged double moulded case and running off two AA batteries, the MT902 cable tester and digital multimeter is designed to provide years of reliable service.

These are only three of the meters available from Major Tech designed for reliability, accuracy and ease of use when involved in construction, maintenance and alterations, no matter the size and scope of the job.

For more information or to discuss how to purchase your Major Tech cable meter, contact us by emailing [email protected] or call on 086 162 5678.