Poor quality of power causes not only physical damage to equipment, but also results in downtime, which, in turn, lowers productivity and a substantial increase in energy costs.  Using the K6305 Power Quality Analyser it is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, set up the instrument, check wiring and record!

Major Tech’s Rugged Compact Power Meter offers 3PH four wire, 3PH  3 wire or Single Phase multifunction measurements, recording and analyzing of power systems.  This meter can be used for various wiring systems and can measure up to 3 systems on a single-phase 2-wire circuit.  It can be used for measurements of instantaneous, integrated or demand values.  “This instrument has an automatic wiring check function to prevent incorrect connections”, says Werner Grobbelaar, “The meter will check the connections and display the results on the LCD screen.” A wide selection of clamp sensors allows measurements from 0.1A to 3000A of which the instrument automatically recognizes what kind of clamp sensor is connected to it.

The K6305 meter has large memory capabilities and can store up to 2GB.  Measured data can be saved in SD card or the internal memory and the data can be transmitted to PC via USB or Bluetooth.  Measured data can be checked on android devices in real-time by using Bluetooth function.

Free Android software “Kew smart 6305” is available on “Google Play Store” (*), supporting Android Ver2.2-3.2

The K6305 complies with IEC61010-1, CAT III 600V safety standards and include power and energy measurement features such as Voltage (True RMS), Current (True RMS), active power, apparent power, reactive power, active energy, apparent energy, reactive energy, power factor (cosθ), frequency, demand measurement and current flowing on the neutral line (only on 3phase 4 wire measurement).

Standard Accessories: K7141 (Voltage test lead set 4 pcs), K7185 ( 500A Ct’s x 3), K7148 (USB cable), K7170 (Power cord), K9125 (Carry case), SD Card (2GB), Kew Windows (PC software), Batteries x 6 and Quick manual.

Optional Accessories: K8124, K8125, K8126, K8127, K8128 (Clamp sensors). K8129 (Flexible clamp sensor), K8132 (Power supply adaptor), K9132 (Carrying case with magnet).

Major Tech’s K6305 easy-to-use power meter effectively helps you to locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems and is an absolute must have in every toolkit!

To purchase the K6305 call 086 162 5678 or click the link http://major-tech.com/product/compact-power-meter/

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