The MT745 from Major Tech is a clamp meter used to measure the AC current running through an electrical conductor in tight spaces. It permits electricians to measure the current without touching the conductor or having to disconnect the supply from the conductor.

The MT745 includes a large backlit LCD display to make it easy to read the measurement, which can be in the range of 0.5A to 3,000A. Pressing the “hold” button on the current meter will keep the latest readings on the screen, while the built-in Bluetooth communication allows users to send data to the Meterbox app on their smartphones.

The device has a sample time of 200 milliseconds. The data logger keeps 16 320 measurements, and users are presented with an analogue bar graph, and can also view the frequency and inrush current. The MT745 uses two LR6 batteries and to save power the instrument will automatically power down after 15 minutes of inactivity.

The flexible current coil is 457 mm in length. The Meterbox Pro app is available for Android and iOS smartphones at no charge.


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