Camelion Batteries is a very extensive range of primary dry cell batteries, which will cover virtually any application where dry cell batteries are required.

The Camelion batteries have been tested by SABS in accordance to IEC 60086-2-1997. The range consists of batteries for high drain appliances, Lithium and Digital Alkaline for digital cameras and gaming, Alkaline and Heavy Duty Zinc Chloride, Lithium button and Alkaline button batteries with rechargeable batteries, Ni-MH Metal Hydride, Ni-CD Nickel Cadmium and an Always ready battery Ni-MH which keeps its charge for up to a year.

These rechargeable batteries can all be charged with the Camelion battery chargers that are readily available, depending on your application and charging rate required.

The Camelion has a range of LED torches from plastic to heavy duty rubber designed for everyday knocks.