Test Instruments

Major Tech test instruments have been designed and manufactured to operate under the harshest conditions, offering reliability and accuracy for Engineers, Electricians and Electronic Technicians. We offer a wide range of test instruments which include testers, meters, oscilloscopes, thermometers and many more products. 

These instruments are al...

Major Tech test instruments have been designed and manufactured to operate under the harshest conditions, offering reliability and accuracy for Engineers, Electricians and Electronic Technicians. We offer a wide range of test instruments which include testers, meters, oscilloscopes, thermometers and many more products. 

These instruments are all manufactured to stringent specifications laid down by the IEC to offer protection, safety and confidence in use. We are constantly doing extensive R & D to be able to offer top quality, new and innovated products into this range. Safety and reliability is always at a foremost with Major Tech.

We offer two ranges of instruments, Major Tech and Major Tech “K Series” (Kyoritsu) which offers a Lifetime warranty. This is all assisted with an instrument repair facility, SANAS calibration service, and a training facility run by a professional sales team who are able to assist with training on all our instruments and any technical advice.


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  • Accessories

    Major Tech offers a range of accessories for all instruments, such as Silicone test leads, croc clips, clamp on adaptors, temperature probes, carring cases and more.

  • Cable & Circuit Testers

    Major Tech offers a range of cable length, cable fault and network testers. Whether it is copper or coax Major Tech's cable testers are saving you time and money.

  • Digital Clamp Meters

    Major Tech’s clamp meter range includes CATIV 600V rated clamps with NCV, and ranges from high resolution DC mA measurement for process loop up to 3000A AC for heavy industry. The clamp meters are available in AC/DC, true RMS and average reading. The range includes various jaw sizes i.e. 6mm process current clamp, 10mm open jaw clamp and up to a 150mm flexi clamp. The functionality of the CATIV rated clamps are ideal for the hazardous and arduous work conditions, featuring True RMS to average reading.

  • Earth Leakage Testers

    Major Tech offers to you an earth leakage tester. Major Tech’s RCD/ELCB Testers range from domestic to industrial applications. Voltage range from 100 to 400V L-E with current settings from 5mA to 1000mA. The RCD/ELCB testers offer, both the mA trip rating and the tripping time at 0° and 180° of the sine wave.

  • Digital Multimeters

    Major Tech offers an extensive range of digital multimeters that are designed to help you do your job faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy, this includes an industrial range of CATIV 600V IP67 multimeters and True RMS and Average reading. There is a model for every budget and application that offers safety, quality and performance. With the ever changing technology of electronic circuits, so Major Tech's Multimeters have advanced to include Bluetooth connectivity, Graphic display and built in scope meter.

  • Oscilloscopes

    Major Tech offers Oscilloscopes from 20 MHz or 60 MHz in a versatile handheld range, featuring a Digital multimeter in one and 30 MHz or 100 MHz in a bench type model. They all include dual channels inputs and are ideal for design maintenance and troubleshooting. The range also includes a True RMS Digital Multimeter and 10 MHz Oscilloscope that is CATIV 600V IP67 complete with a 320 x 240 TFT colour display.

  • Earth Resistance Testers

    Major Tech's earth resistance and resistivity meters are ideal for testing power distribution lines, in house wiring systems and electrical appliances. Find it and fix it, fast with Major Tech's cable identifiers, circuit breakers and fuse finders. Major Tech offers Earth Resistance Testers with 2 pole and 3 pole measurement, as well as an earth resistivity tester which uses a 4 pole Wenner method, with multiple frequency selection and memory. The range also includes an earth clamp which is ideal for multiple earth testing and can measure leakage current.

  • Environmental Meters

    Detect the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide and measure light, sound, humidity and temperature with Major Tech’s wide variety of environmental meters. Major Tech's range of environmental meters measure wind speed and direction, temperature, RH and CO2. Our high quality sound meters are ideal for environmental noise monitoring.

  • HVAC Meters

    Major Tech range of HVAC meters comprises of hotwire and vane anemometers, humidity meters, handheld IR thermometers, temperature data loggers and infrared thermal cameras. These can be used for a variety of applications, including inspections, monitoring controlled environments and for checking ambient air conditions in an HVAC application.

  • Insulation Testers

    Major Tech's range of insulation testers are ideal for mining, industry and all electrical applications. Ranging from 125V to 12,000V. The HV Insulation testers are available in Digital or Analogue, with some offering 5mA output current to speed up testing of insulation resistance on larger transformers and motors.  The LV range of insulation testers are all compliant to SANS10142 and includes intrinsically safe versions.

  • Loop/PSC Testers

    In accordance to SANS10142, every installation shall be tested and inspected on completion. Major Tech's range of microprocessor controlled Loop and PSC testers offers you high accuracy and ease of use for both domestic and industrial applications. 

  • Multifunction Testers

    Major Tech's range of Multifunction Testers offer accurate, convenient and fast test on industrial and domestic installations. These meters are easy-to-use and perform virtually all tests required to complete a compliance certificate, in accordance to SANS10142.

  • Phase Rotation Meters

    Major Tech’s range of Phase Rotation Meters includes non-contact and contact high quality and reliable meters. These rotation meters measure 3 phase supplies to ensure that your phase rotation and connections are correct.

  • Power Meters

    Major Tech offers an extensive range of power quality test meters for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance and long-term recording in industrial and utility applications. For the development and test of electrical equipment, our high-precision power analysers are easy and reliable for using in the field or as a bench unit in test laboratories. And includes easy-to-use settings that simultaneous record of power & power quality measurements in one survey. Major Tech's Power Quality Analyser and Compact Power Meters are the perfect tools for measuring energy and power control.

  • Specialist Meters

    Major Tech offers you high quality, flexible video borescopes for visual and video inspection. The range also offers you the latest advanced instrumentation that is diverse enough to meet your application needs from testers for testing RPM, coating thickness, laser distance measurement. Our accurate Lux meters offer reliable quick readings, for LED and LUX measurements. Included, are meters that measure combustible and refrigerant gases, air flow and velocity accurately

  • Compliance Test Kits

    Major Tech’s compliance test kits comprises of all the necessary instruments to complete a COC in accordance to SANS10142. These kits are supplied in a heavy duty carry bag.

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Easy to use and affordable thermal imaging cameras to obtain high quality thermal images that will immediately give you the thermal information you need. Major Tech also offers you the best software, service and training to suit your thermal imaging needs. Ideal for electrical, mechanical, HVAC and building inspection, predictive maintenance, equipment troubleshooting and verification.

  • Thermometers

    For troubleshooting systems where temperature is a critical symptom, Major Tech's digital thermometers offer laboratory accuracy wherever you need it. We offer a choice of infrared thermometers, J/K type and K type thermometers, easy-to-carry pocket thermometers and a versatile range of temperature kits. Major Tech offers the latest in non-contact infrared (IR) thermometers. These meters are useful where measuring temperature without making contact with the surface of the subject matter. Manufactured in gun type form, some models feature a lazer beam for higher accuracy, back light for use in dark areas and min/max recording for data retrieval.

  • Voltage Testers

    Major Tech offers a range of easy-to-use, compact and reliable voltage testers. The range is available in LED and LCD, providing voltage and continuity in one compact tool. Included in the range are voltage detectors for LV and HV applications and a Magnetic Solenoid tester for magnetic fields.