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  • Test Instruments

    Major Tech test instruments have been designed and manufactured to operate under the harshest conditions, offering reliability and accuracy for Engineers, Electricians and Electronic Technicians. We offer a wide range of test instruments which include testers, meters, oscilloscopes, thermometers and many more products. 

    These instruments are all manufactured to stringent specifications laid down by the IEC to offer protection, safety and confidence in use. We are constantly doing extensive R & D to be able to offer top quality, new and innovated products into this range. Safety and reliability is always at a foremost with Major Tech.

    We offer two ranges of instruments, Major Tech and Major Tech “K Series” (Kyoritsu) which offers a Lifetime warranty. This is all assisted with an instrument repair facility, SANAS calibration service, and a training facility run by a professional sales team who are able to assist with training on all our instruments and any technical advice.

  • Tools

    Major Tech tools are designed by electricians for electricians. They are an extension of your arm and the protection between yourself and what you are working on. Major Tech has dedicated themselves to supplying a wide range of pliers, cutters, hammers, hacksaws, knives, soldering irons, spanners and many more product categories. The range for VDE, EN60900 and 1000V approved hand tools, are all individually tested for SAFE 1000V working.

  • Veti Switches & Sockets

    Veti Switches & Sockets have been designed to bring an elegant and decorative flair to one's home, restaurant, hotel or corporate building. Create your own switches and sockets and complete your selection with a cover plate of your choice. We offer a wide range of switches and socket, from dimmer switches to clusters to power towers. With Veti, you can do it all to match your preferences. 

  • Circuit Breakers &...

    Major Tech have an extensive range of IEC/SANS certified and NRCS approved circuit breakers to complement the current range of switches, sockets and enclosures. The circuit breakers are branded Major Tech and have been tested according to IEC60947-2 in conjunction with SANS556-1 and VC8036 to ensure the exceptional quality expected and delivered by Major Tech. Our distribution boards and ready boards are popular as it adds a decorative flair, ensuring owners do not have to view their old and broken DB boards.



    Major Tech enclosure ranges comes in an IP65 Grey Enclosure or IP65 Clear Enclosure. These come with 4 x 20mm rear entry knock outs (except VW886C). They are manufactured in high quality flame retardant and self-extinguishing, rust free and non-perishable ABS plastic.

  • Lighting, Lamps &...

    Major Tech is pleased to introduce a dynamic and modern range of LED lighting products to the South African consumer. These products have been designed to bring elegance and a decorative flair to one’s home, restaurant, hotel or any commercial building. South Africa has been slow to introduce LEDs into existing household light fittings, but due to our electricity supply conditions, the trend these days is to reduce energy usage and in order to achieve this, replacing existing incandescent and halogen lamps with LED lamps will become the norm. Apart from their exceptional lifespan, LEDs are extremely robust, physically small and extremely energy efficient, which makes this the obvious choice.

    Choose from our wide range of LED products. Our LED Bulbs, Spotlights and Security Lights are just the beginning of the list. Keep an eye out for our future launches into the new world of LED. 

  • Batteries & Consumer

    Camelion Batteries is a very extensive range of primary dry cell batteries, which will cover virtually any application where dry cell batteries are required. The Camelion batteries have been tested by SABS in accordance to IEC 60086-2-1997. The range consists of batteries for high drain appliances, Lithium and Digital Alkaline for digital cameras and gaming, Alkaline and Heavy Duty Zinc Chloride, Lithium button and Alkaline button batteries with rechargeable batteries, Ni-MH Metal Hydride, Ni-CD Nickel Cadmium and an Always ready battery Ni-MH which keeps its charge for up to a year. For your rechargeable batteries, we offer battery chargers to fully complete the range.

    Major Tech Consumer is a range of very cost effective multimeters and instruments for the hobbyist and home owner who require the use of a range of instruments for occasional household uses, may it be drilling into a wall or measuring voltage to temperature. Included in this range are electrical timers consisting of analogue and digital timers available to switch certain loads as the application would be required. The consumer range also consists of Camping Lanterns, Torches and Flashlights, Head Lamps and a large range of multi-tools suitable for camping and household uses.