Environmental Meters

Detect the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide and measure light, sound, humidity and temperature with Major Tech’s wide variety of environmental meters. Major Tech's range of environmental meters measure wind speed and direction, temperature, RH and CO2. Our high quality sound meters are ideal for environmental noise monitoring.

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  • Sound Level Meters

    Major Tech offers a range of sound level meters which are ideal for all general purpose measurements and the level function is designed for noise projects, quality control, illness prevention and cure, plus all kinds of environmental sound measurements.

  • Particle Counter

    Major Tech's particle counters are ideal combination instruments for measuring particle concentration, gas (HCHO, CO) detectors, air temperature, relative humidity and wet bulb temperature measurements.

  • Multifunction Meter

    Major Tech's multifunction meters have been designed to combine sound level, lux, humidity, temerperature, non contact AC voltage all in one digital multimeter.

  • Light Meters

    Major Tech's Light meters are important for designers or quality assurance managers to check lighting levels in a wide variety of situations, from office environments to sports venues.